Vishy Swaminathan

Sr. Principal Scientist

San Jose

Vishy (Viswanathan Swaminathan) is a senior principal scientist in Adobe Research focused on next generation video and digital experience technologies. His areas of research include video streaming, processing, coding, protection, digital rights management, and analytics. His research work has contributed towards a number of technologies in Adobe’s Media delivery and DRM products. One of his most recent innovative work includes the guts of Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming which won the ‘Best Streaming Innovation of 2011′ Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award. Vishy is also an active contributor to video standards including Ultraviolet/DECE consortium and MPEG. Prior to joining Adobe, Vishy was a senior researcher at Sun Microsystems Laboratories working on video servers, interactive video, next generation Head-end and DRM technologies. While at Sun, Vishy has led multiple organizations including the Technical Committee of the Internet Streaming Media Alliance from its inception till 2004, JSR 158, and the MPEG-J ad hoc group. In addition, Vishy received 3 ISO certificates for his contributions to MPEG Standards. He was the lead editor of the MPEG-4 Systems Standard and has contributed to multiple standards and specifications.

Vishy received his MS and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Utah State University. He received his B.E degree from College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. Vishy has authored several papers, articles, RFCs, and book chapters, has several issued patents, and has been invited to talk at multiple conferences in the area of video systems. A sample of his publications are below.


VPN: Video Provenance Network for Robust Content Attribution

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OSCAR-Net: Object-centric Scene Graph Attention for Image Attribution

Nguyen, E., Bui, T., Swaminathan, V., Collomosse, J. (Oct. 17, 2021)

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)

Deep Image Comparator: Learning to Visualize Editorial Change

Black, A., Bui, T., Jin, H., Swaminathan, V., Collomosse, J. (Jun. 20, 2021)

CVPR Workshop on Media Forensics (CVPRW)

Towards field-of-view prediction for augmented reality applications on mobile devices

Wang, N., Wang, H., Petrangeli, S., Swaminathan, V., Li, F., Chen, S. (Jun. 8, 2020)

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Recommendation for Video Advertisements based on Personality Traits and Companion Content

Dey, S., Duff, B., Chhaya, N., Fu, W., Swaminathan, V., Karahalios, K. (Mar. 17, 2020)

ACM Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (ACM IUI)

A Scalable Data Augmentation and Training Pipeline for Logo Detection

Guo, H., Swaminathan, V., Mitra, S. (Dec. 11, 2019)

Best Paper Award


Dynamic Adaptive Streaming for Augmented Reality Applications

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Scalable Bid Landscape Forecasting in Real-time Bidding

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Streaming a Sequence of Textures for Adaptive 3D Scene Delivery

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Trajectory-Based Viewport Prediction for 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos

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Content-Based Effectiveness Prediction of Video Advertisements

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Personalized Video Recommendations for Shared Accounts

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Digital content recommendation system using implicit feedback data

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IEEE BigData 2017

Feature Selection for FM-Based Context-Aware Recommendation Systems

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Context-aware video recommendation based on session progress prediction

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Low Latency Live Video Streaming over HTTP 2.0

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Proceedings of Network and Operating System Support on Digital Audio and Video Workshop (NOSSDAV 2014), March 19 - 21 2014

Designing a Universal Format for Encrypted Media

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in Proceedings of IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), Sep 2013, Sardinia, Italy

An Optimal Client Bu ffer Model for Multiplexing HTTP Streams

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A Partial Encryption Scheme for AVC Video

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