Adobe Research Previews Innovative Technologies at Summit 2021

May 7, 2021

Tags: Adobe Summit Sneaks, AI & Machine Learning, Data Intelligence

By Claire Qin Li, Adobe Research

This year, Summit, Adobe’s annual conference focused on customer experiences, was held virtually from April 27 to 29. One of the major highlights was the Summit Sneaks session, where Adobe showcases technologies that could transform how brands interact with their customers. In this year’s virtual session, Dan Levy, Emmy award-winning writer, actor, director, and producer, introduced 7 innovative demos. Two of the included sneaks were from Adobe Research. 

Project Account Ace

In B2B marketing, an account or a potential business buyer typically has multiple leads who are responsible for making collective decisions on purchasing. For B2B marketers, getting the attention of these leads isn’t an easy task. In this sneak, Adobe showcased a new solution that could help marketers with their jobs, and ultimately increase deal velocity.

One of the key components of this new solution is called Account AI, developed by researchers from Adobe Research. By modifying a hierarchical attention neural network, this technology analyzes activity data across leads who belong to the same account, provides a dynamic score to measure an account’s engagement level, and shows its status on the B2B marketing funnel based on the score in real time. Then, the system suggests relevant campaign opportunities or actions for the leads in the target account, which could potentially improve the account score.

Combined with other technologies like Account Orchestration and Account Buying Circles, the system brings all relevant B2B data into a single place to build unified account profiles, which can help our customers win accounts with ease.

Presenter: Liana Vagharshakian
Internal Collaborators: Atanu Sinha, Gautam Choudhary, Camille Girabawe, Russell Lewis, Vivek Sinha, Sundeep Parsa, Scott Trafton, Erik Rucker
External Collaborators: Mansi Agarwal, Shivansh Bindal, Abhishek Pande (former interns)

Project Segment Tuner

Data plays an important role in today’s digital marketing. But a big challenge many businesses face is that the data they have about their customers is not always accurate. In some cases, the data can also be misleading. Project Segment Tuner leverages advanced machine learning algorithm and data visualization to help businesses review their customer data, and to detect and repair different kinds of data quality issues. By improving the data quality, marketers can then run more effective campaigns and reach their target audience.

Presenter: Fan Du
Internal Collaborators: Eunyee Koh, Sungchul Kim, Ryan Rossi, Handong Zhao, Keshav Vadrevu, Saurabh Mahapatra, Vasanthi Holtcamp

In addition to the two sneaks that were spearheaded by Adobe Research, our researchers have also contributed to four other sneaks for Adobe Summit. Those include Daily Shuffle, Project Dimension Builder, Project Savvy Search, and Project Catchy Content.

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